Instant permaban for: griefing, stealing, snooping, cheating, x-raying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, bullying etc.

All rules apply to staff as well.

We operate a clear 3 strikes policy for minor offences, resulting in a ban on the third offence.

We want to maintain a safe community, and appreciate your help in doing so.

1> Respect all players and staff :

Be a GOAT: Be nice! Use common sense! Treat others the way you want to be treated!

2> No theft or griefing - claimed or not :

Don’t Steal. Do not touch or take anything that doesn’t belong to you. Don’t snoop around other people’s property and search through chests. If you are caught doing this, you will get a BAN.

3> No hacked clients, glitch exploiting, x-raying, algorithm exploitation, etc. :

Mods like Optifine and minimaps are fine. DO NOT use the "find clay, find diamonds" expoit: You will be banned. Ask staff if a mod is allowed .

4> No PVP unless all parties agree in advance :

PVP without consent is not allowed! Don’t kill someone if they don’t want to fight. If you do run into some sort of altercation that is worth a fight, then you may fight as long as both parties are willing to. Secure their belongings if they die (in a chest etc) so they don’t despawn.

5> Do not damage, claim or change any roads or bridges :

If you would like to integrate your build with the road system, ask a staff member first. Infrastructure may be easy to take for granted, but someone built all of it. That means Rule #2applies.

6> Do not ask for Op/staff :

We select staff from long-term, active players who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the server and helping other players. Don't ask us. We'll ask you.

7> Keep chat fairly clean :

Keep the chat reasonably clean. Swearing is not a bannable offence, however people may be streaming so try to be conscious of your language. If someone asks you not to swear and you continue, it will be investigated. Please keep chat English-only to remain inclusive and safe for all.

8> No use of chunk loading systms/contraptions without the expressed consent of the Owner :

If you have something that you think really needs to be loaded all the time, talk to FutureForce before you build anything.

9> Duping :

TNT duping is allowed as long as the server performance is not affected. Falling entity duping? (e.g. sand/gravel with end portal) is stricly prohibited and will result in a ban.

10> No political discussions in global chat or Discord :

There are many forums for expressing your political views, opinions and beliefs. This isn't one of them. This is a politics-free zone

11>Do not use methods of play or client mods to evade server controls or staff actions :

If you setup some contraption to defeat the AFK kick timer, or use a plugin to automatically log you in after being kicked, you may get the "permanent kick"

12> Do not build or claim within 100 blocks of another player :

Please keep at least 100m space between you and your neighbors, unless you've come to an agreement about building close to each other.

13> Do not build inside the no-build zone around the world spawn :

In the server info on the discord server you will find the current NO BUILD ZONES.

14> No Overworld permimters within 5k blocks of spawn / No Nether perimiters within 1k blocks of the Nether hub :

If you're going to create one of these large cleared areas for a mob farm, it must be atleast 5000 blocks away from spawn or 1000 blocks out from the Nether hub. Help keep the map looking good!

15> Have fun!

Do we really need to explain this one?

16> No expectation of privacy :

Everything on a Minecraft server is logged somewhere, and all of it is visible to the admin. Some things get recorded in multiple places. For example: Chat and /msg traffic appears on the server console, in the server log and in the CoreProtect database. Chat is reflected into a Discord channel where it is kept -- and is searchable! -- permanently. If you have something truly private to talk about, please use something like a secure messaging app.

17> Unclaimed builds are subject to removal once the player has been inactive for 30 days or more. Claimed builds may be removed after 60 days of inactivity :

If you know you're going to be away for an extended time, let us know! We will preserve things if we know you're coming back.

18> Staff reserves the right to remove any build or claim, at any time :

For example, a portal that causes problems with another player, inappropriate buildings or statues, etc.

19> The End dimension is subject to resets without notice :

In order to provide equal opportunity for advancement and adventure to new players, The End is reset from time to time.

20> Do not promote other servers:

It is not allowed to promote other servers on the server or in discord

21> Shops :

The way shops work can change from season to season, For up to date information check discord or /help. (there will be no shop plugins)

22> The use of the claim system to exclude others from unused resources is not permitted :

The claim system is for grief prevention and making boundaries clear, not creating resource monopolies. This includes, but is not limited to, geodes, spawners, ocean monuments and villages where no building is done to make use of the resource.


Death is inevitable; if you lose your stuff it will not be replaced by staff. We do encourage people to help each other out, but harassment of staff/players to help or death-save will not be tolerated. :right_arrow: If someone dies within touching distance, grab their stuff and put it in a chest. If you're loading the chunk then their 5 minutes will expire quicker, so the least you can do is help. :right_arrow: Do NOT log out before dying, and ask another player to come to your coords and save you.. it's not fair, and defeats the purpose of dying.


We are a YouTuber and content-creator friendly server. For this reason please keep in mind you may feature in content creator videos.